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The Innovation Technologies Center

The Innovation Technologies Center (ITC).
The Innovation Technologies Center is an harmonious unity of three key components – educational institutions and research structures and commercial enterprises engaged with market promotion (commercialisation) of promising scientific achievements and developments.

The purpose of the ITC is to generate the long term competitive advantages for the ITC actors by means of integration of education, science and business.
The main actors of the ITC are
1) the university SPbSU ITMO, 2) the research center Vavilov SOI and its subsidiaries and 3) small innovation companies – residents of the ITC

To achieve its mission the ITC sets the following long term :
1. Development of physical, telecommunication and information infrastructure of the ITC.
2. Implementation of the system of activities and creation in the innovation chain the links between the technical idea and industrial production through the transfer system and by commercialisation the results of scientific research and technologies which will be targeted at effective use of scientific and research potential of SPbSU ITMO and research crews of research structures and small companies.
3. Development of the science-intensive innovation business, creation of conditions for involvement in the innovative activity scientific crews of research structures, SPbSU ITMO students and teaching personnel, home and foreign innovation structures, employees of commercial organizations, scientists and experts, inventors.
4. Coordination of the ITC actors interaction when preparing educational programmes in the sphere of information technologies and telecommunication systems, engineering and design training and manager training, as well as mechanisms to adapt the students to the market conditions.
5. Implementation of the complex of measures and activities to formulate the investment attractiveness of the ITC.
6. Enhancement the prestige of the university and research potential.
7. Assistance to enhancement of the financing for the university research works.

To attain the goals mentioned above , the ITC is carrying out its activity upon the following directions :
1. It provides coordination with federal, regional and local authorities, with governmental structures of Russian Federation and other countries as well as with organizations of scientific-industrial complex of the SPbSU ITMO of different patterns of ownership and other participants of the ITC connected with implementation of national and regional investment programmes.
2. It carries out the expertise, analysis and assessment of the innovative proposals and scientific and engineering projects, marketing of corresponding products and search for partners in the home and external market, organization of technology transfer between the ITC residents, as well as transfer of technologies developed inside the ITC to Russian and foreign customers.
3. It provides small innovative enterprises and firms, situated in the territory of the ITC and some scientists, experts and scientific crews, with laboratories and industrial areas, equipment for research and engineering works, offices, show-rooms and conference halls on the contractual base.
4. It creates the ITC structure .
5. It takes part in the accumulation of supporting funds and invest in innovations using them.
6. It takes part in the exhibitions and publishing activity, aimed at innovative products and ITC’s companies technologies promotion, provides technology transfer into home and foreign market.
7. Creates information resources on the innovation activity of the ITC, potential partners of innovative process, rights on the intellectual property, distributes information and advertising products about the innovative products and technologies through the network resources, etc.
8. It carries out production and economical activity to execute main tasks of research, production and business structures of the ITC.
9. It establishes direct contacts with foreign organizations and institutions in frameworks of the innovative activity.

As a result of its activity the ITC:
• Supports the economical growth of universities ( creates well-paid jobs requiring high qualification);
• Promotes the rise of research works of the university that contributes to:
- increase of the teaching level;
- new intellectual property creation;
- technological transfer from the university to the industry.


Achievement of the strategic goal of the ITC – generation of the long-term competitive advantages for the ITC’s actors by integration of education, science and business - assumes the following ITC functions:
1. creation of infrastructure;
2. informational services;
3. innovative activity support;
4. educational activity support;
5. SIC consulting;
6. development of international cooperation;
7. creation of partnership networks.
It is necessary to point that separately each mentioned function is the necessary, but not the sufficient element on the path of the synergetic effect creation, only their complex realization will ensure the effectiveness of the ITC.

The functions are necessary to realize determine the list of services to be provided by ITC for resident companies.
Creation of infrastructure assumes giving in rent to small scientific and research companies the premises suitable for development of the knowledge-intensive products. Tenancy is supposed to be accompanied with rendering of additional services:
- conference halls and rooms for negotiations;
- safeguard;
- cleaning the premises;
- catering;
- parking;
- telephony;
- Internet;
- office of the joint use.
Further all the set of the mentioned services to be understood as infrastructure.

Providing with information services is connected, first of all, with access of resident companies to such informational resources as electronic library, information data bases (Consulting, Garant, etc.), electronic library of intellectual property, etc.

Innovative activity stimulation is based on the creation and growing-up of small innovation companies to develop scientific and technological ideas in the framework of specific profiles, on the assistance for existing SIC development, and correspondingly, on rendering by ITCs such complicated services as:
- incubating of start-up companies;
- market analysis and forecast;
- market promotion and distribution of products;
- attraction of investments/co-financing the projects;
- project expertise;
- technology transfer;
- intellectual property protection, etc. колонна
The mentioned services, being as a matter of fact the KIBS–services, can be rendered both separately and as a “portfolio”. For example, incubating of the start-up companies assumes the expertise of the project proposed (the expertise in turn is impossible without complex market analysis), attraction of investments required to its implementation with the subsequent protection of the gained intellectual property.

The educational activity first of all, is aimed at training and re-training (in compliance with the market requirements) specialists for the knowledge-intensive business. Implementation of this function (in the form of educational programmes) will permit:
- to assist in training of high qualified specialists, being in demand on the market, from the University students/graduates (by organizing the profile programmes of the supplementary education and making suggestions aimed at University basic educational programmes correction),
- to provide the employees/managers of innovation companies/authors of innovation projects with necessary knowledge and skills in the field of management and administration of innovations.
In that way, to make the educational activity an element of the ITC’s business-processes development, the latter has to ensure both educational programmes realization as well arrangement of, trainings, etc.

Consulting of SIC is necessary for creation of the specific environment for companies, as well as for maintenance of their proper work. In this connection the ITC is to render a wide range of services in the different aspects:
- certification and quality systems installation;
- jurisprudence;
- recruiting, etc.

Development of international collaboration – is one of the ITC’s functions, which gives an oportunity to bring resident companies ( especially, start-up companies) at the new quality level by providing foreign investments and by opening new markets for their products.
In this connection, the ITC can render the following services:
- arrangement of official events;
- organization of conferences, seminars, exhibitions and etc.;
- customs services;
- export control;
- visa support.

Creation of the partnership networks should support the interaction between science, industry and education. In view of that, this activity is the key one and it contributes the most part in the synergetic effect creation. It is supposed, that this function will be achieved owing to development of connections with participants of innovative systems (including foreign ones), development of cooperation with educational institutions, scientific centers, research institutes, search for prospective partners (including foreign ones), attraction of investments (interaction with industrial and financial institutions, funds, governmental structures, etc, creation of the investor’s club).
The services are rendered both: by the ITC’s organization departments, and independent legal entities - resident companies for which this activity is the sphere of their competence.

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